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Daniel Oriel and the Watchers by Oliver Franklin

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Available in Print-on-Demand and e-Book editions – see below

Daniel Oriel and the Watchers by Oliver Franklin

Book three in the Daniel Oriel series

Okay, so Fischer’s dead… Fair enough, but there are still plenty of others out there. And what about friends and family members – are they safe…? Apparently not!

This story starts with FIRE, the war is hotting up and almost anybody is game now! The kids have little idea of what they’re messing with. Now the Coven will show them what! They’re furious after the death of one of their own. Kidnaps… coups… political activism…

When the Minister doesn’t show up for choir, Daniel knows something is amiss. The question is: what is the underlying issue, the driving force in this cosmic fight? Enter the Watchers! Daniel’s adventure now takes on a supernatural dimension, which was really inevitable from the start. Yikes!

Read this one, if you dare…

Daniel Oriel and the Watchers by Oliver Franklin
Fiction, young adult, crime, action and adventure
First published in 2019 by Buddlewood House

Available in e-Book Edition and Print-on-Demand

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